My research focuses on perception in augmented reality and strives to understand the relationship between how objects are rendered and how humans perceive these virtual objects. 
Designing for Depth Perceptions in Augmented Reality
International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2017
Below is a video I made in Premiere Pro to complement the publication.
Senior Computer Science B.S. Thesis
This project will investigate the effects on depth perceptions in Augmented Reality if virtual objects were to receive shadows from the hands, specifically looking at AR interactions within a radius of reaching distance.  In order to achieve this effect, proper occlusion of the hands is essential. Various techniques and approaches for occlusion of the hands will be examined in conjunction with cast shadows. The ultimate goal is to create a framework to evaluate user perceptions of virtual objects under these rendering conditions.  This investigation could lead to insights into how humans perceive objects in AR and determine to what extent occlusion and shadow casting from hands proves as useful depth cues.
Below is a visual depiction of what I am investigating until I graduate in May 2019.
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